Splatter Mani: Hellooooo 80s Inspiration!

So I tried a splatter mani for the first time today, and I’m really happy with the results!


I had to do a tea bag wrap on two of my nails, as they had snagged. If you don’t know how to do one of these, scroll down beneath the pictures of the splatter mani for detailed instructions.

I wrapped two of my nails, my thumb and my ring finger on my left hand, let that dry, and then buffed each of my nails. I have a four sided buffer that is just amazing. Don’t leave home without it! Here’s a link to the one I use. You can get it at Walgreens for about $1.50.

I applied my usual base coat, Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat, and allowed it to dry.

On my left hand, I painted my thumb, index, middle and pinky fingernails with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Black Out. I used this color on my right hand, but only on my ring finger. While waiting for this to dry, I applied Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Lavender Creme. It’s actually a pretty spot-on match for Barbie pink. It’s very bright, and goes on opaque in two coats. It’s very thin, but surprisingly durable. I got it on sale the other day to use with my gradient sunset nails, which I’ve yet to do. Shame on me.

I reapplied the polish to each nail, let dry, and then applied my Double Duty as a top coat. At this point, I thought my nails looked alright, but I decided I wasn’t quite done. I got out my nail polish thinner, OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner, which can be purchased at Ulta for around $9.00. I poured a few drops of the Lavender Creme into a small dish, and then splashed in one tiny drop of the thinner on top of it. Using a separate nail brush, I stirred it together. The thinner you make it, the less opaque it will be on your nails, although it will be much easier to get on.

I then held the brush over each finger and tapped the end of it, making the paint splash down onto my nails. A good thing to do is put Vaseline or tape over the parts of your hands/fingers that you don’t want to have covered in paint. Because I didn’t do this, I spent half a bottle of nail polish remover and about an hour cleaning up my legs, arms and hands. I’m messy. Sue me.

After this, I did the same with the Black Out nail color on the remaining nails.

I then applied another coat of Double Duty and let dry.

Here’s the finished result! What do you think?

C360_2013-10-20-14-10-55-485-1 C360_2013-10-20-14-10-39-744-1

Okay, so to do the tea bag wrap, you need:

– A normal tea bag

– A pair of scissors

– A four sided nail buffer

– A good base coat

Alright, so you remove whatever nail polish is currently on your nail, being careful not to aggravate the break any more than it already is. Take the tea bag, and cut off the top. Remove the guts and possibly make a cup and drink that while you’re working, because yum. Also, waste is bad. Bad, bad waste. Cut a small strip out of the bag, about enough to go halfway down your nail, that will cover the whole surface. Apply your base coat to the nail, and while still wet, position the strip of tea bag across it. Push down, making sure you get any and all bubbles and wrinkles out. It might get a little messy, but that’s okay! Then apply another thin layer of top coat to kind of glue the whole thing down. When the top coat dries, take the fine grain side of your nail buffer and file in one direction all around your nail, so that any excess tea bag comes off.  Apply one more layer of top coat, and let dry completely. Then, following the numbers on your buffer, file all over the surface, so that there is no visible difference between where the tea bag is and where your nail is. Voila! Pain over the top, and your nail is repaired! It will look a little bit different than your natural nails, of course, but it’s nothing a good layer of polish can’t fix. I use this all the time and it saves my life. I work too damn hard for these pretty nails.

Capitol Couture #3 – District 1: Luxury

Here is my third Capitol Couture look. This is inspired by District 1, manufacturers of luxury items. I did reds and golds everywhere, making it look like precious metals and gemstones. I also added a gold chain. I tried a couple different looks for the chain wrap. I think it was best with my hair down, but liked it either way. Thoughts?






Capitol Couture: Attempt #2



Here is my second attempt at a Capitol Couture style. A bit heavier than yesterday, and I did more with my hair. My awesome mom sent me a box of goodies last year, full of rhinestones and sequins, and I pulled out a few things to add. I like this, but I’m not sure if this is what I want. Well, tomorrow is another day and another try! Tell me what you think! Am I starting to put together a Capitol Citizen look that’s believable?

Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer

A few weeks ago, I ran out of my wonderful Yes to Tomatoes Moisturizer. I was super sad about this, but figured it’d be a good time to try a new face lotion.


I had to go to Publix anyways, in order to get my grocery shopping done. I stopped in the cosmetics aisle and picked up Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer.


(See my pretty new nail wraps? Those are by Essie. Review going up tonight or tomorrow!)

It cost about $15.99. The packaging was really pretty, very pale, sage green. Talking up all the benefits. Claiming that it “Replenishes essential skin nutrients + continuous nourishment throughout the day.” The package stated that it won’t clog pores, and of course, Neutrogena is dermatologist recommended. Nice. It contains vitamins B, C, E and antioxidant omega bionutrients. It’s also stated to be 97% naturally derived. Well fuck me. My Yes to Tomatoes is only 96% naturally derived! THIS SHIT IS GONNA BE AWESOME. 

Well, I get home, put my groceries away, and wash my face to prep for the lotion. I’ve used Neutrogena face washes in the past with varying degrees of success, the blue foaming face wash always worked wonders, and it also removes makeup quite effectively, so it’s in my shower regularly. I’m currently using Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream which I’m madly in love with. The scent alone is enough to make your pores dance. Anyways, washed my face. Patted it dry. Pulled out the Neutrogena Naturals.

I open the flip top lid and dispensed a small amount of the moisturizer onto my finger tips. I noticed right away that it was very cold and runny, so I gooped it back into the bottle, shook it up, and tried again. Same thing. Okay, so this stuff is more thin than what I’m used to, I can live with that. I started at my neck and worked my way up to the top of my forehead. It’s something I learned from a Mary Kay lady years ago at a Mary Kay party. She said “Ladies, we have enough working against our face to drag it down. When you apply anything to your face, bring it up.” It made sense in my 17 year old brain, and it makes sense now, eight years later.

Okay, the next thing I noticed was the scent. Um. This stuff is supposed to be natural. 97% natural, in fact. I think that they spent the other 3% on bottling the smell of public restrooms. This lotion is BAD. Like, at first you think it smells kind of nice. Not too strong, not too light…But then, you finally place it. A freshly cleaned truck stop restroom is still a truck stop restroom, and that’s what this smelled like. Oh my god. Gag me with a spoon. 

So I did what anyone who doesn’t like to spend a ton of money, but at the same time splurges nearly every other day on hair and makeup and nail stuff, and I sucked it up. I figured I’d give it two weeks, see if it worked wonders on my skin. I could always add an essential oil to it later to spruce up the gnarly stink that it gave off, plus, it’s not like anyone else could smell it. I wear BB cream and foundation which I’m sure could cover it up.

Well. It’s been two weeks, and do you know what?


I NEVER break out. I get one pimple here or there, and I can usually fix it overnight. That happens maybe every four to six months. MAYBE. Well, since using this shit, I’ve developed SIX spots on my face. One under my nose, one by my mouth, two near my hairline and one on each temple. How fucking disgusting and unacceptable is that? Even as a teenager, I never had that many at once. So now I have to stay indoors for the next three days and wear no makeup in order to clear my skin up, and I’ll tell you right now, this crap is going in the garbage.

I’ve had some lotions and moisturizers that don’t work well. Some leave me feeling greasy. Some allow sunburn, even though they claim they have SPF (which, by the way, this does NOT even have), I’ve had some that just plain work poorly, either leaving my skin unmoisturized or scaley. This, however, is the opposite of what I want.

Underneath my makeup, it seemed to create areas that allowed for my powder foundation to bunch up and become very noticeable. When I went without makeup, it didn’t help with my nose becoming oily. The smell is bad. The price is high. The packaging is pretty.

That’s it.

That’s the one good thing about this moisturizer that I can honestly claim: The packaging looks nice. 

My verdict?

Don’t waste your money and go buy Yes to Tomatoes like I should have done in the first place.

Do you have any experiences with Neutrogena Naturals? Is it just me? Do you think that restrooms smell good? I’d love to hear from you!

Fantasy Makers Glitter Liner and Confetti Review

I looooove Halloween

Not because I dress up in costumes or go to parties or any of that shit.

Because Fantasy Makers comes out! 

For those of you who don’t know, Fantasy Makers is made by Wet n’ Wild. You’ll probably recognize that as an inexpensive drugstore brand. Well, every year since just about forever, I’ve gone fucking crazy when their stuff hits the stores, because for some reason, it’s waaay the hell better than anything Wet n’ Wild normally puts out. (Hahaha, puts out.) 

They sell false eyelashes, loose glitter, black and blood red lipsticks, face paint, eyeliners, temporary tattoos, body makeup, sparkly eyeshadows, kits to give you a certain look (vampire, witch, butterfly), and this year they’re also doing nail wraps, which I am currently all over. (I have a review of Essie Sleek Stick that I need to put up sometime soon!) I haven’t found the nail wraps yet, but I did go in and spend my first little wad of dough on the Glitter Liner and Confetti, which is what they call the loose glitter (it comes in a lot of colors, but my Walgreens is cheap and stupid and only had silver). Now, for a big ass vial of loose silver glitter: Image

It only cost $1.99. WHAT.


That’s right. And it’s excellent quality as well. You can use it on your body with an adhesive gel (or by itself if you don’t mind fallout), or as an accent on your eyes, lips or even fingernails without irritation. Some people have more sensitive skin and might have a problem with it. I don’t. I don’t know anyone who has. Test it out first and make sure, guys. I don’t want my little bloggies coming up later and telling me how their once beautiful eyes have been removed because a speck of Confetti got in their little seeing globes. 

Okay, so my second purchase was the Glitter Liner. Now, I love glitter, guys. I really do. I don’t love it all over my body or my face, but used as an accent, it can be exactly what you need to make your features pop.  


I got my Glitter Liner in silver as well, and it cost me $1.00. That’s right. One effing dollar. WHY AREN’T YOU BUYING THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW GUYS?

I’ve recently become addicted to makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. Not anyone in particular, and not because I really need a how-to for my makeup. Instead, it gives me awesome ideas because frankly, after 10 years of applying my own, I’ve run out of ideas. I can’t just go around with a kickass smokey eye all the time, even if it does look nice. And it gives me ideas as to what products I would want to buy without having to trial and error them. Well, after seeing a few tutorials that showed a glitter liner being used on the top lid, I thought I’d try it for myself. 

What was done in the video (Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/TymetheInfamous for full tutorials and so I can properly give her credit) was that she used a glitter liner on her upper lid, then dabbed loose glitter over it while it was still wet, so it was SUPER sparkly. I didn’t care about anything else she did, I just wanted to recreate THAT. I mean, it makes perfect sense. Going back to elementary school, squirting Elmer’s Glue all over a piece of paper, dumping glitter on the whole thing and shaking it back off? Same thing, but on my eyeballs. 

The very first thing I did was to apply tape from the outer corner of my eyes to the end of my eyebrows. This allows for a clean line and less fall out. Then I started my actual makeup application with a primer. I actually use Wet n’ Wild’s Fergie collection primer, Take on the Day. It works just as well as any primer I’ve ever used that cost 10 times as much. It’s about $4.50 at drugstores. After applying the primer up to my brows, I used a white shadow Maybelline Chic Naturals in Vanilla and applied it to the inner corner and first third of my eye. I then took my Wet n’ Wild Spoiled Brat color palette and applied the pink shadow to the middle of my lid, blending slightly with the white. I then took a shimmery black shadow from the same color palette and applied it to the outer corner of my eye, blending up and with the pink, to soften the lines. I took my white shadow again and dusted it on along my brow bone, blending the pink and black softly at the edges. I removed the tape and took a very small, angled brush to add pink underneath my eye. I took the Fantasy Makers Glitter Liner and (the brush is great, by the way. It’s very long and thin and makes for an incredibly easy application) used it just like I would with a normal black liner across the top of my lid. Immediately afterwards, I took the Fantasy Makers Confetti and using a small, angled brush, dipped it into the glitter and applied it carefully along the glitter line. I then did the ol’, my-mascara-won’t-dry-fucking-fast-enough-so-I’m-gonna-blow-air-up-at-my-eyeballs trick. That got rid of the loose glitter that had fallen while applying. I repeated the same thing on my other eye and then added black liner on my lower lid, and mascara. 

Here’s the result:


Not bad, right? In person, they really pop and it gives me exactly what I need! 

Of course, now I’m using glitter liner for all of my eye makeup looks. 

But it’s fucking glitter!

Okay, so my verdict on Fantasy Makers Glitter Liner and Confetti is that it costs less than the value menu at McDonald’s, and it looks a lot better on you. It’s obviously not the greatest quality of anything, but it absolutely is doable, there’s no runny goop, the glitter isn’t aggravating, the application is simple, the brush is good, you get a lot for your money and it looks awesome!

There are a lot of products that they have around Halloween, and my biggest problem is that not one of those products (except for the loose glitter) will make it to next Halloween. They just don’t have a long life. Maybe February or March, if you’re lucky. But hey, that’s spring and you don’t need to vamp it up then anyways. 

Thanks for reading, guys! 

I’d love to see what you create with glitter!