Brenna Bombshell, an obsessive skincare and beauty junkie, brings you the hottest in new trends with high end product reviews ranging from hair to nails to skin to lipstick to blush and more.  While this is basically a beauty blog, it encompasses a little bit of all aspects of my personality. I’m not just into makeup! I also care deeply for my fandoms: Doctor Who, Supernatural, DC comics, The Hunger Games, Arrow, Pokemon and more. I love dressing up, cosplay, comic books, video games, reading and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend and my tail-less cat, Whisky.

Weekly posts guaranteed.
Monthly Q&A topics to get involved in.
High end beauty product giveaways.
Detailed tutorials for makeup looks, hairstyles and more.

To contact me about becoming an affiliate or sponsor, having me do a review for you or your company, or for information on where to send samples, please send an inquiry using the form below.

Sadly, I don’t participate in chain posts or Liebster awards, although I truly appreciate the sentiment! While it’s flattering and really cool of you to nominate me, I find that it detracts from my central goals in the blog, and simply don’t have the time to give that kind of post the well thought out attention it would deserve. So thank you very much, but I think someone else might appreciate it more.

Also, check out my fan page on Facebook, Beauty Bombs

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