Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette Review and Swatches

Hey lovelies!
I know it’s been a WHILE since my last post. I was busy moving and stressing and budgeting the last month and a half, but now that that’s all over with, I can get back on track!

I recently got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia palette. Designed in collaboration with YouTube/Instagram Makeup Guru Maya Janeska  and Anastasia Beverly Hills, I thought this was a really cool idea! There are also two other palette collaborations, Amrezy and Tamanna. I chose Maya Mia for a number of reasons.

Maya Mia Palette
First, one of my favorite YouTube MUAs/Bloggers, Sam from Batalash has been using it, and I just love the looks she’s created!

Second, the packaging! We all know I’m a sucker for pretty things, and have you seen it? So gorgeous!

Third, because I have never had a bad product from ABH, and for $29, you can’t really go wrong.

Those reasons seemed good enough for me, so I ordered the palette early last week. I wanted to give myself time to try it a few times before posting about it!


As you can see, there are 10 gorgeous shades in the palette. Some matte, shimmers, a lot of neutrals and some bold pops of color. I found the pigmentation to be moderate, but very easy to build up.  Soft without being powdery, they glide onto your skin easily and clearly, and blend like a dream. My personal favorites are Glisten, Fresh Peach and Aqua!

I’ve included a photo from a blog I found, called Lethal Glam, of the five “Get the look” cards that came included with this palette. As they were just a little extra in the palette, I didn’t mind having them in there, but I really didn’t find the looks very attractive. I actually tossed them without thinking about it so I didn’t get to take my own photos!

Photo by Lethal Glam

Swatch time!

Below I’ve included swatches with and without primer.

Top Row - Without Primer Bottom Row - UDPP

Top Row – Without Primer
Bottom Row – UDPP

Nude is unfortunately almost a spot-on match for my pale skin, so it’s probably going to be very rare that I get to use it, unless using it as a blender or a browbone highlight, possibly. It also applied a little patchy without a primer.

Deep Brown is very pigmented and buttery smooth. I can see this being used a lot as a liner. This is a matte shade.

Sienna is one of my favorites. This matte shade is one I haven’t been able to get right in any other palettes. They were always either patchy or too light, but this is on point! Blended out, this is a perfect transition/crease color, or it can just be used all over the lid for a spicy look that’s wearable yet exotic!

Warm Taupe is another staple, used for neutral looks and smokey eyes. I found the pigmentation to be a bit lighter with this one, but it applied smoothly and was easy to build up. It also blends great with other colors!

Vanilla will definitely be a highlight shade. Just the slightest hint of shimmer gives it that little something extra that many white shades are lacking.  It is, however, a bit patchy on the application and requires some work to get it even.

No Primer - L to R Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, Vanilla

No Primer – L to R
Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, Vanilla

With Urban Decay Primer Potion - L to R Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, Vanilla

With Urban Decay Primer Potion – L to R
Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, Vanilla

The bottom row though, is where I think this palette really kept all the stars.

Top Row - Without Primer Bottom Row - UDPP

Top Row – Without Primer
Bottom Row – UDPP

Aqua is gorgeous with or without primer. Medium pigmentation, easily buildable and smooth as can be, this is in my top three favorites of this palette. Although the shadow is soft, it doesn’t crumble or produce fallout, and removing it doesn’t leave behind that extra bit of sparkle that takes extra elbow grease to get off. It’s very easy to remove!

Fresh Peach is a near-matte, but not quite, and a pinky-orange. I’d use this for some of my more over-the-top cut crease looks, as a shimmery transition shade versus a matte one. Again, easy to remove but lasts all day, with or without primer.

Glisten is an amazing shade. At first glance, it reminded me a lot of Black Forest Truffle from the Chocolate Bar Palette, but the application was just out of this world! It’s a little more pink than BFT, and the shimmer is a lot more pronounced. I’d use this as an all-over shadow or as a pop of shine on an otherwise matte eye. I can’t get over how gorgeous the shade is!

Caramel is a staple shade in any palette. It’s good for neutral looks, transition/crease shades, or just as an all-over look. This one is a bit more pigmented than Salted Caramel from the Chocolate Bar Palette, but very close to the same color.

Gold Bar is one shade that I wasn’t quite as happy with. While it looks amazingly gorgeous on, it doesn’t photograph well, and it doesn’t last, even with heavy duty primer. I tried Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae, UDPP, TF Shadow Insurance, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and the Julep eyeshadow primer, and it just would not stay on. I was so disappointed! I have yet to try applying it wet, however, and plan on giving that a shot to see if it helps the wear.

No Primer - L to R Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar

No Primer – L to R
Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar

With UDPP - L to R Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar

With UDPP – L to R
Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar

As for the packaging, I love the bright, metallic print! With pink and blue stripes, green, pink, blue and black zigzags, and blue and black tiger stripes, this is definitely a super showy palette! The palette also comes with five “Get the Look” cards, showcasing different eye looks that can be achieved using the palette. All looks are by Maya.  The box that the palette came in was identical to the palette design. I like how sturdy and heavy the palette feels, even with the dainty-looking packaging. It snaps shut with a magnetic closure, and seems to hold pretty well. I gave this the ol’ hardwood floor drop test, and no shadows were harmed during the making of this blog post! Not a crack or even a powdery layer on the mirror when I checked it!

Open Palette

The mirror, though…what a poor excuse for one! It reminds me of those shiny silver stickers on Barbie accessories, so you kind of know you’re looking at a reflection, but it’s less accurate than a fun house mirror. I can’t use it at all, and just switch to my amazing Lorac Afterglo Palette mirror when I need close up work!

Case And Brush
The brush that the palette came with definitely saves the palette from the mirror issue. Double-sided, this small, soft, synthetic brush is perfect to have for blending or touchups. I like to use a larger brush for all-over shadow, but this is amazing for crease work, details, blending and lining. One side is a fluffy pencil brush, perfect for crease and liner and blending. The other is a somewhat flat blending brush that’s great when applying shadow or combining colors. I love throwing the palette in my purse for a night out because that little brush is perfect for on-the-go touching up throughout the night!


Packaging: 10/10 – I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, as you probably already know. While some people may prefer a more minimalist palette package, I’m all about exotic and unique designs. This also has a magnetic closure which is sturdy and doesn’t pop open unexpectedly in your purse. It also has a little ribbon underneath the brush, so it’s easy to remove.

Variety: 7/10 – As you may have noticed, I mentioned a couple of dupes or near dupes above. While I feel this is a great palette, many of the colors are available in other palettes, or in singles. I was hoping for something a little more unique with the fabulous packaging, but it was not to be had.

Pigmentation: 7/10 – Most of the shades in this palette were moderately pigmented, with a few on either side of the spectrum. Nude, Vanilla, Warm Taupe and Gold Bar were all a bit difficult to work with due to needing heavy building to achieve the color I wanted, but the rest of the shades were pretty good, with Deep Brown, Glisten, Sienna and Fresh Peach taking the cake on great pigmentation without fallout.

Endurance/Application: 8/10 – I am definitely a fan of how long these last throughout the day. It’s been warm the last week here in Florida, and wearing these all week, I’ve found that Gold Bar and Aqua have a tendency to really fade by the end of the day, but all the rest of them last a solid 8-10 hours in the heat. As for application, most of them apply smoothly and blend easily.

Extras: 6/10 – This is a new verdict section, as this palette included the five “Get the look” cards, as well as the brush, then the mirror, which I didn’t include in packaging, as it seems like this palette deserves its own extras section! The mirror was just garbage. They need to scrap that and go back to the drawing board. I realize the palette is under $30, which is a steal, but you get better quality mirrors in drugstore palettes for $5, soooo…. The “Get the look” cards were a great idea, but I personally didn’t like any of the looks on them. The brush saved the day though, as ABH brushes always seem to. With its double-sided capability and compact size, it’s a great on-the-go brush!

Score: 7.6/10

Overall, I found this to be a great palette. It’s definitely easier to carry around than the Chocolate Bar, and I love that it includes such a high quality brush. I think I’ll end up using it quite a bit in the months to come, so be on the lookout!

What do you think of the Maya Mia palette? Have you tried other ABH collaborations? What would you like to see next?

As always, thanks for reading, and please leave any comments or questions below!

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