Wantable Subscription Makeup Box March – Review

Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday I received my first ever subscription box. I have signed up for the Wantable Subscription Makeup Box. I was very excited, and documented my unboxing. I got four full sized beauty products, most of which I was very pleased with. In this post, I’ll be showing each item, the full retail price, a link to where you can purchase, and at the end, I’ll have several looks that I did using products I received.


Wantable Box

I placed my order on March 3rd, it shipped on March 5th and it arrived on March 7th. I’m happy about the speed of shipping, although I was sad to see that the Postal Service had banged the box around during shipping. I collect boxes, as they’re a perfect storage bin for all my makeup, skin care products, knick knacks and cat toys. Looks like I’ll be tossing this one though, because it’s not pretty with the bent up sides.


I do like how when you open the flap, it has a slogan on the inside, “A Beautiful New Thing“. It’s short, sweet and to the point. You’ve got a box of beauty waiting for you!


Luckily, nothing inside was damaged, as the items are well packaged in foam, so although I was apprehensive after seeing the damage to the outside, I was thrilled to find that nothing had been harmed. It says up at the top on a sticker that it has been Packed Especially for Me! There’s a little cardboard insert stating “You Look Lovely Today“, which I’ve stuck to my mirror, because it’s nice to have a reminder when you’re feeling down.

20140307_174004 20140307_174010

Inside, there is a packing slip that states what your loves, likes and dislikes are. You will never receive anything off of your dislikes list, and are more likely to receive something from your loves list than your likes list. It also has a little blurb of info about the March Makeup Box, and the featured designer, Jordan Liberty. It talks about what the theme of the box is, and this one is about jumping into spring! Now if you see at the top, nail polish is one of my dislikes, so I didn’t receive anything from the featured artist, who creates lovely polishes, but I’m fine with that. I’m not big into nail stuff at the moment, and would much rather improve upon my makeup collection.

My Loves:

Fair Skin

Brow Products



Lip Color

Eye Shadow


My Likes:



My Dislikes:

Nail Polish

Lash Product

Complexion Products

I may switch this up month to month. The best part is, you don’t just choose those items. You also choose the colors and formulations that you most prefer.

Underneath the featured artist piece, the slip has a list of each item you received. The manufacturer, the name of the product, the quantity received and the retail value. I find this really helpful, because I love finding a deal!

Here are all of the items I received.


From Girlactik Beauty, I received The Grey Liner. It is a waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner that is retractable, so you don’t need to sharpen it. It came encased in a plastic tube, which kept it super safe during shipping (thank goodness!) and is great for storage. The lid snaps on quite tightly, so you never have to worry about it just popping off in your purse or makeup bag. The listed retail value of the liner is $19.00.

Next up, from (PLÃ) Beauty, is With a Wink Eyeshadow in Fresh Start. It’s a soft nude shade that is very smooth to apply. Unfortunately, it’s nearly my skin tone exactly, so it doesn’t show up well on my lids, even with a primer and pretty heavy application. It does add a nice hint of color though, so if I’m going for a natural look, this will be the product I go for! This retails for $18.00.

My cat, Whisky, felt the need to try and get into every shot while I was photographing my goodies, and I couldn’t resist putting this one up. It’s like he’s saying “Look, I’m just as soft as that new brush!” I don’t know, Whisky, my new Mistura Beauty Retractable Brush is pretty serious with the soft business! A large, fluffy brush that’s perfect for applying shimmer, finishing powder and blending contour and highlight, this is probably my favorite item in the box! Made from synthetic hair and fully retractable, you can either pull it out completely to get the fluffy, all-over coverage, or you can retract it slightly and use it for more precision application. This slip states that this retails for $18.82, however, it is listed on their website as $19.99.


And finally is a beautiful highlighter from yourMinerals. It’s their Facial Enhancer in Rose Sparkle. I have certainly found my new best friend for highlighting. The soft, pale pink compliments my fair skin quite well, leaving a hint of shimmer. It’s perfect for my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and brow bone. This can also double as a body shimmer, or even be used as a highlight for your eyeshadow. I really love mineral makeup, as it has so many great benefits, and this one is definitely my new go-to. This retails for $29.95.


Here are swatches of all three products I received. The gray liner is smooth and glides easily, and is great for creating a soft smoky eye. The middle shade is the highlighter, which I packed on so you could get the full effect. And last is the eyeshadow, which, in this light, gives off an almost terracotta effect, although in person it shows up much lighter.

In the following series of pictures, I’ve incorporated some of my usual makeup with the products I received. I used the yourMinerals Facial Enhancer down my nose, along my cheekbones and brow bone, the center of my forehead and on my Cupid’s bow for a lovely, soft highlighting effect. My lids have the (PLÃ) Beauty Fresh Start shadow. I’ve lined my eyes with a liquid liner, and then softened the lines somewhat with the Girlactik Beauty Grey Liner. I varied the looks, but as you can see, the three products were very versatile in creating unique and stunning styles that could be worn for any occasion.




20140308_121642 - Copy

20140308_120532 - Copy

The full retail value of my $36.00 monthly Wantable subscription makeup box for March was a whopping $85.77! That’s over twice what I paid for it! I think this was a serious steal and will definitely be purchasing again next month. While I can’t see myself using the shadow very often, the liner, brush and highlighter will all go into my regular use makeup box.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Have you tried any subscription makeup boxes? What are your favorites? What makeup boxes would you like me to review next?

And as always, thanks for reading!


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