Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask Review

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m doing another sample review from an item I got from Sephora.

The Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask is something I was truly looking forward to trying out, since I’ve been very interested in skincare lately. It’s amazing how much better you look if you just properly take care of your face. In the past few weeks, I haven’t had to use any foundation because I’ve had absolutely glowing skin!

Okay, so the sample I received was one small pod, good for a single application. Normally you would receive a package of eight pods, an brush to apply the product, and the packaging.

Wei 20131223_101304

Left: Full sized product. Right: Sample.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I have combination skin and suffer from redness on and around my nose, slight dryness on my cheeks, and the occasional enlarged pore. When I applied this mask, I also had a smattering of blackheads on the tip of my nose. GROSS. Here’s me before applying the mask.


You can see the obvious redness around my nose, as well as a small breakout on my cheek, and most of my skin looks a little bit pink. After taking this photograph, I washed my face using my Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. I then patted my face dry with a towel and began the process of mudding it up!

I took my M-A-C 116 blush brush out to apply the mask with. I just can’t justify putting my fingers on my face more than I have to, and the brush is fairly similar to the one the comes with the full-sized product. I noticed upon application that there was a light tingling feeling, which was very refreshing. It applied evenly, and it was like I could feel it soaking into my skin. The full application only took a couple of minutes. The product is a bit runny, and I ended up using the full package. I normally don’t need to do this, as my face is small and takes product well, so I usually only need a little bit. The mask felt very light on my skin, though, which is a big plus. A lot of masks can feel overly heavy and makes you feel like you’re clogging more than cleansing.

720131223_101820 20131223_101828

Above: Mask after application. Looks a bit thin, but had pretty good coverage. There wasn’t enough for my neck and decolletage however.

The mask can be left on for up to 20 minutes, which I did, although after about 10 minutes, it felt too cold. Not burning me, but I think if your skin is very sensitive, it would get rough if you left it on for the full amount of time. The smell wasn’t overpowering, but I honestly don’t need you to make my masks scented. I prefer not to pour fragrance into my pores. It was an earthy, slightly masculine scent, that would probably be nice if I wasn’t opposed to added fragrance. I do like that it’s formulated without parabens and sulfates. The product also states that it is formulated without Phthalates, but I’m not knowledgeable enough about what that is to have an opinion one way or the other.

I noticed around the 15 minute mark that my skin was feeling very tight, but not in a dried out way. It was more like I had washed my face and then used witch hazel. Like it’s a little too clean. However, I left it on for the full 20 before rinsing.


Above: Up close photograph of the mask on my cheek. You can see it soaked into my pores nicely, and has a fairly smooth application.

I rinsed my face with lukewarm water, and in order not to have any added pink on my face, let it air dry. I could feel that my skin felt really nice. It wasn’t overly dry, in fact, it had a more elastic feeling than it normally does. I would imagine the herbs and oils that are in this product added to this sensation. The blackheads on my nose were significantly reduced upon close inspection. The redness around my nose faded dramatically. However, the dry areas of my face were still dry. The oily areas of my face had calmed down a bit, but nothing exceptional.


It’s quite obvious how much my face calmed down after applying the mask. But…I just wasn’t a huge fan of how it felt. The scent, the runny product, the overly cool feeling…It all makes me feel that if my skin were the slightest bit more sensitive, I’d be in agony. But I can’t deny how nice my face looks!


Packaging: 7/10 – I only had a sample of the product, so I won’t judge the packaging that I had. However, what I saw in the store, and the fact that it includes an application brush makes me definitely give this a higher score. Unfortunately, for $42, you only get 8 pods, which seems a bit too high priced for the size. I’d be happier with a pot of product that I could open and close myself.

Look of Product: 7/10 – The mask was very runny, and almost grainy looking, like Nesquik that hasn’t been mixed properly.

Smell of Product: 3/10 – I don’t want a fragrance in a face mask. I’m going to be leaving it on my skin for upwards of 20 minutes, I don’t need something like that being squished into my pores. It had a nice scent, but I don’t need the added chemicals, thanks.

Texture of Product:  6/10 – While it looked grainy, it applied smooth. However, it didn’t feel like I got enough coverage due to it being so runny. This could have been from having a sample, but I goes by what I sees, guys.

Using Product: 7/10 – I applied this with my own mask brush, and it went on nicely. I felt like it got a bit too cold and tingly towards the end of the time I had it on. I’d warn people with sensitive skin to either avoid this or to only leave it on for half of the time.

After Using Product: 7.5/10 – My skin certainly looks a lot better, but the feeling I got isn’t what I was hoping for. With a high end luxury product like this, I expect it to nearly do magic. I still had dry spots on my face, but it did take care of the redness and blackheads I’d developed around my nose.

Overall Result:


Overall, this isn’t a product I would purchase. I would recommend it only to people who have normal or combination/oily skin. I think it would strip too much if you used it on dry or combination/dry skin. The fragrance combined with too much of a tingling sensation turned me off of purchasing the full size, and I wasn’t impressed enough with the results to justify getting it again.

What do you think? Have you tried the Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask and had different results? Let me know what you’d like to see next! And as always, thank you for reading!

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