Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser Review

Hey everyone!

I visited my mom in November, as a Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday hybrid, because I knew I’d be busy with work and that there’d be nasty traffic. Anyways, she gave me a bottle of Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser to try, since I’m always on the prowl for new and exciting products. Read on to see how the Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser stood up to the challenge! 



First off, let’s look at the packaging. It comes in a small, squeezable plastic tube. There is a flip top on it for easy access to product whether you’re in the shower or at your sink. Something I really like about the plastic it’s made with is that it’s got a weird texture. It’s the same texture as a lot of older lotion bottles. It’s a little bit rough, but not much at all, just so you can have a good grip on it. It says the Clinique name and what the product is. It’s very clean and simple, which I like a lot. 

You’re supposed to use this as a step in a “Clinique skin care system”, but I’ve been trying a lot of products lately, and I really don’t want to commit to a whole new system of doing things when I really still love my Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer so much. I figure it probably boosts the effects of each product when you use them in combination, but probably not so noticeably that it’ll make my skin fall off if I don’t use the other steps. 


Before using Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser – You can see the redness on and around my nose, as well as how lifeless my skin is.

Next up is usage. When I squeezed out the product the first time, I used way more than I needed. This stuff really foams up great! It has a mousse consistency and is a shimmery pale pink color. It smells just like any soap, very light and forgettable. Immediately after rinsing it off of my face, my skin feels tight and clean. I can’t smell the fragrance at all once it has been rinsed off. This works to remove basic makeup, but I still need to use my normal makeup remover cloths for my waterproof mascara. 


While using Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, I wanted to take a photograph to show you how it foams up, but as I state in my ratings below, it starts to dry very fast, so it’s faded a bit in this shot.

And finally are the after effects of the product. 


After using Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, my skin is much brighter. The redness around my nose has faded. My skin looks refreshed and soft.

I have very fair, combination skin. I get redness and oily skin on and around my nose. I don’t have breakouts, really, my skin is very smooth. Occasionally I’ll get a stray pimple if I’m not being diligent about my makeup removal. (Shame on me!) I have relatively small pores, but I do get blackheads on the middle of my nose. My skin tone is uneven from top to bottom, but is still clear and bright. Using this product helps to keep my nose from getting oily as the day wears on. If I’m not using any makeup at all, then I tend to get a shine around 2pm if I wash my face with this around 8am. If I’ve applied a full face, including foundation, BB cream, setting powder and my contouring/highlighting, and I’ve washed my face in the morning, then I won’t develop any shine and my skin will stay even throughout the day. However, I’m always sure to baby it that night with a detoxifying mask to get rid of all the gunk in my skin. 

Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser is an excellent face wash, and at around 20 bucks for a 5oz bottle, it’s not a bad deal. I’ve been using a travel-sized bottle for a month now, up to twice a day, but nearly always once per day (with the exception noted in the paragraph below the rankings). I’ve noticed an overall improvement in how red my nose area gets as the day wears on. My skin always feels tight and it helps my makeup to apply evenly. 


Packaging: 8/10 – I like it, but a tube is still a tube. If I want to get all of the product out, I’ll have to cut it open and transfer it into another container.

Look of Product: 10/10 – I actually love the way this product looks. The shimmer is lovely and I’m a big fan of pink.

Smell of Product: 5/10 – I’m completely neutral on the smell. It’s fine how it is, but if they want to improve it, I wouldn’t mind.

Texture of Product: 9/10 – Very foamy and thick, rinses off without leaving a scummy feeling afterwards. 

Using Product: 9/10 – Foams up nicely without seeming to go overboard. Dries very fast, though. If you don’t rinse it off immediately after applying, it will start to soak into your skin. 

After Using Product: 8/10 – Skin feels tight and clean. Looks brighter and less red. Reduces oiliness. Sometimes makes my cheeks feel a bit too dry, and I have to really pack on the moisturizer.

Overall Result:


I would recommend this product to anyone with oily or combination skin. If you have normal or dry skin, I would suggest finding something more hydrating. Occasionally I feel like my skin has is a bit too dry, and I use a more gentle gel cleanser for a day or two. However, I always go back to this. I wouldn’t use it more than twice a day, as it would likely begin drying out your skin. 

Have you tried Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser or other Clinique cleanser products? What do you think? What did you think of my post? What would you like to see next?

Thanks again!



10 thoughts on “Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser Review

  1. Love your blogs! Glad to see you writing again, really have missed your posts! You write very well, this seemed a bit short……..I have used Clinique and am glad they do not use a lot of Fragrance. If I want perfume, I’ll buy it. I still like my Cucumber Wash best for cleansing my face. It seems to do a great job for my old face! LOL!

    • Thanks for the input! I like a lot of Clinique products, their mascara is especially divine. And yeah, cucumber is great for hydrating and cooling, I used to have a mask with cucumber that I’d use and it was luxurious!

    • I too am glad that Clinique doesn’t load up on the fragrance. I have really sensitive skin, and I can not tell you how many times I’ve excitedly bought a new cleanser to have a bumpy rash on my entire face within hours. I just got the 1 oz. size of this in a gift bag the other day, and wanted to read some reviews on it. Since I also bought foundation, I’m taking some time to see how I do with just the foundation before trying the cleanser. That way, I’ll know what’s screwing with my skin, if it happens.

      • I know exactly what you mean! I really think this is one of the most gentle face washes I’ve ever used, with the most powerful cleaning properties. It does such a good job without leaving my skin tight. I’m currently using a Boscia face wash and I really, really love it as well. Unscented, gel formula, foams up nicely without stripping and removes all my makeup.
        Definitely make sure that whenever you switch to a new face product, give it 28 days. You may notice your skin “purging” the first week, where you’ll get spots here and there, it’s just your skin getting used to the new stuff you’re using. Your skin fully regenerates every 28 days though, so at the end of that time, it should be showing you what the actual results are like. I know the first week that I used the Clinique, I developed a bit of dryness under my nose, but that went away after two weeks. Then, by the fourth week, my skin was absolutely glowing!
        As far as having sensitive skin, you could definitely look into using a face oil. I’ve been using them for a little over a month now, and my skin looks divine! They’re great for sensitivity and have so many great properties. I’m going to be doing a post about them sometime soon. 🙂
        Thanks for reading!

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    • Right?? Next to try is Boscia’s cleanser. I’ve used it once and it got rid of all my makeup without any effort, so I’m definitely interested in trying that next! I also love Clinique’s High Impact mascara.

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