The Modicure Mess

Guys, I know it’s been a long time since I posted. I had a lot of stuff going on in my life and haven’t been able to buy anything fun and new to review. Also, I had to move, got a terrible flu, and then I was swamped with work stuff for a couple of weeks.

But all that’s over with, thankfully.


Okay, so today’s review is on Modicure nail appliques. 


Groupon was having a deal last week, where I could get 10 sets of nail strips by Modicure for 11.99, normally $120. Not effing bad!!!!! Seeing as nail strips are usually around that much for one set, I was super stoked to order this.

Now, my first red flag was the fact that I only found about two real reviews online for Modicure, and they were both in France, and they were both along the lines of “My friend let me use these that she bought and I really like them.” Not an actual review, not really legit.

But still, super excited, hooray! Nail strips! My favorite!

Shipping was fast enough, I ordered last Monday and they came today, on Wednesday. That’s not bad.

They were in the standard Groupon package, a small green and white padded envelope.

Now my first real problem with Modicure’s nail strips might sound a little bit petty, but hear me out. I received one black and white Modicure envelope with all 12 nail strips packages inside, each individually wrapped in airtight plastic with a silver foil backing. On the website, it shows each plastic package having its own envelope. I didn’t like that. It seems cheap. Groupon is where you put your items up as a deal, not put up your clearance rack, already opened merchandise in order to make a quick buck.

Upon inspection, there’s only 12 stickers per sheet, instead of the standard 18, so there’s not much room for mistakes. 

The 10 sets I got were a gold sparkle, a silver sparkle, a hot pink and blue swirl pattern, matte turquoise, matte red, pink and purple polka dots, leopard print, zebra print, black and white stripes and red with white hearts. I decided to use the gold sparkle ones first, just to give them a try.


The next issue I found was that the stickers run REALLY large. I have relatively big hands. I’m a pretty tall girl, and so my hands and feet are proportionate to my body. However, I had to trim down the stickers on every single nail. The pinky sized one would have fit on my index finger! That’s how big these are! 

Now for the biggest problems….

One: The stickers are super thick. Like, the thickness of your actual fingernail? That’s how thick these are. They also do not stretch.  Essie’s nail strips were a bit thick too, but when you apply them, you stretch them a bit, and they end up having a comfortable thickness that doesn’t feel odd on your nail. But I can live with that, and besides, maybe the non-sparkly ones are more thin.  

Two: They don’t fucking stick.

That’s right. I started applying them on my right hand, and after cutting them to size, I applied them onto my naked nails. A couple of them set pretty flat, but by the time I went to start on my left hand, they had all peeled up, at least a little bit. My index finger and ring finger completely had the strips peel off. So I removed them, put a base coat on, and stuck them onto the still wet polish in order to try and get something I could at least take a picture of. However, I was so grossed out by the feeling of that, and the look of it, that I just took them off completely.

I’m going to try again with a different set, one of the matte prints, in hopes that it was simply the sparkly kind that doesn’t work as well. I don’t have a lot of faith in them working out nicely, because I have a theory on this. I think that the company took all of their old stock, their previously opened merchandise, the damaged packaging, and sent those out to be a deal on Groupon. They figured that they could get away with crap products, and that the few people who returned the products wouldn’t damage the amount of money they’d make on the suckers who wouldn’t send them back. 

All in all, this was my absolute worse experience with a nail applique set that I’ve ever had. Modicure sounds like a flaky company with sketchy standards, and I’ll be sending them back their shit nail strips, along with a link to this post. 

Here are photographs I took myself of the packaging and the results. As you can see, one of them completely fell off and I have fuck all idea where it went to, so there’s just more proof that these were crap:




0/5, would not purchase or recommend.