Autumn Tag!

So Elektra King just tagged me to do one of these. I’ve never been tagged before, so I’m super excited!

This is all about autumn/fall favorites….

1. What’s your favorite autumn lipstick?

I almost always go nude or shimmery pink, all year round. However, Autumn is one of my favorite times to throw on my pinup girl look, and that’s when I do super deep reds. One of my favorites is Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection #107. It’s almost a plum color, but because I’m so ridiculously pale, it goes on as a deep, vampy red.



2. What’s your favorite autumn trend?

Apple cider! Oh yum, it’s my favorite. I put a big pot on the stove and cook it all day long, and my house smells absolutely wonnnnderful. I love dressing it up with whipped cream and caramel sauce, then stirring it with a big cinnamon stick!



3. What’s your favorite autumn candle?

I don’t really care about candles as much as I suppose I should. I have a bad habit of dipping my fingers in the wax and making tiny sculptures. So I try not to spend any more money than the bare minimum on them. However, I very much love autumn air fresheners. Does that count? I love any spiced apple scents! One of the best ones of recent years is Febreze Air Effects in Apple Spice & Delight.

4. Do you have any autumn traditions?

I wouldn’t call it traditions, per se. But I do tend to get very nostalgic in the fall. Some of my best (and worst) memories took place in this time of year, so I get lost in my thoughts quite often. It’s when I write the most poetry, play the most music and do the most with my makeup.


This is me, two autumns ago. I was rocking a short pixie cut and terrible fingernails, but I love the style!

5. What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

This actually answers the question below as well, HOODIES. I could wear hoodies year round. I often do, even though I live in Florida and it barely gets cold here at all. I’m just so damn comfortable in them. And even though it may still get hot sometimes in October and November where I live, I feel totally justified when someone asks me how I’m not hot. I just tell them that my mind is in New York while my body is in Florida. 


Me, two or three years ago, rocking the hoodie.

6. What’s your favorite item of clothing for autumn?

As above, hoodies. But coming in at a close second would have to be furry boots. Is there anything more adorable and easy than tucking your cigarette jeans into a pair of knee-high fuzzy boots? It looks so chic and stylish, yet it’s one of the most simple looks to achieve. 

7. Favorite autumn nail polish?

I actually am dying to order OPI A Piers to be Tan. It’s a luscious color that just screams cider and spices and falling leaves. I’m itching to try an ombre look with this and a darker brown. I stole this picture from eBay, I don’t know who to properly credit for it, but as I don’t own the color (yet), I can’t take my own shots. 


8. Favorite autumn beverage?

Spiced cider.

9. Favorite autumn snack?

Ooooh, this is a tough one. I don’t know if you’d call it a snack, but I’ll eat an entire pumpkin pie!

10. Which celebrity inspires you most in autumn?

She actually inspires me all the time, but Penelope Cruz. With those smoldering, deep brown eyes and (typically) nude lip, she paints a perfect picture of put togetherness at all times. 



Alright, I know I’m supposed to tag others to do this as well….

I’d love to see The Polish Influenza‘s answers!

Also, Nail Polish Galore!

These girls have really fantastic blogs, so check them out if you haven’t already!


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