Essie Sleek Stick review


Hey guys!
This is just going to be a short review on Essie Sleek Stick nail appliques because my mind is all over the place today, and I’m hella stressed.

I bought these on Sunday from Walgreens because I wanted to relax, and nail wraps are my current obsession. I’ve tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects and Kiss Nail Dress in the past, let’s see how Essie stacks up!

They come in with a hefty price tag of about $12.99, which is more than the two above mentioned products. The packaging is very minimalist. Just heavy, white paper with Essie stamped in silver on the side. Included is instructions, a nail file, a clear, plastic cuticle pusher and 18 appliques.

The first thing I noticed is that they strongly smell of paint. They are UV treated, so they’re supposed to last longer, and I can’t smell them while they’re on. I’m guessing it’s just when you first open them that you notice it.

These are closer to the Kiss Nail Dress in how they go on. Salon Effects are made with actual nail polish, while Essie Sleek Stick and KND are stickers. They are far more thin than KND, which is both good and bad.

I purchased Love to Love You. If you can’t tell by now, I love black and white manicures! I like how the lettering was different on every sticker, so no repeats!

Being so thin definitely made it easy to file away excess without worrying about removing length from my nail tips. However, it was harder to manuever them onto my nail. Also, these have a tendency to wrinkle easily. They didn’t match my cuticle shape as well as either of the other two I tried. You can see in the pictures where it’s a little wider in areas. The cuticle pusher helped a bit, but I don’t want to reshape my cuticles for something like this.

I got them all on, added Sally Hansen Double Duty Base/Top Coat and let them dry.

Hmmm… While they look beautiful, I can definitely tell they’re not done by hand. Being so thin makes them very comfortable on my fingers, which is a huge plus! I also love that unlike Salon Effects, these won’t dry out because they are appliques. That’ll come in handy because on day three, they’re already beginning to chip in places. *sigh*

My verdict?
These are definitely beautiful while on. I received compliments from the FedEx girl yesterday, and from the cashier at Firehouse Subs.
They’ve stayed on through two showers, one bath and washing dishes.
They don’t look as realistic as the other two wraps I’ve reviewed.
They don’t fit my nails as well as other nail wraps.
They cost a bit more than I want to spend.

So I’d say not worth it. Go with one of the other two I’ve previously reviewed. I was fairly disappointed, as I’ve always heard good things about Essie, but this was pretty much a bust.

Do you have a favorite nail wrap? What’s your experience with Sleek Stick? I love hearing from you!


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