Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review



I recently reviewed Kiss Nail Dress, and stated that I figured they’d last about three days because I type professionally. Well, those things stayed on until yesterday morning, when I took them off. No chipping, no discoloration, perfect!

Well, I got so excited, because maybe they really ARE worth the seven dollars or so that they cost, if they’re going to last for that long.

Well, I decided to go up to Walgreens and buy another set, because they make me feel pretty and I liked them quite a bit. 

Well, I see that Sally Hansen Salon Effects are on sale. Buy one at 10.49, get the second half off. Welllllllllll….I’m a sucker for sales. 

So I grabbed two boxes:

Tattoo Much

Love Letter


Okay, so first I put on the Tattoo Much ones, which are beautiful in the package, and look fantastic…On really long fingernails. In order to get the most out of the stunning design, you have to have pretty long nails. Mine aren’t super short, but they only come to about my fingertip, and these nail strips just didn’t look very nice. I had part of a bird’s head and a corner of a banner, a splotch of blue with a quarter of a rose, etc. So I removed them to try Love Letter instead. 

About removing them:

Unlike the Kiss Nail Dress, Sally Hansen Salon Effects are actual nail polish strips. As in, you remove them with nail polish remover. This was a little strange and took longer than removing normal nail polish. 

Now on to the Love Letter.

Applying them wasn’t really hard, but it wasn’t as simple as the Kiss Nail Dress. First you peel off the protective plastic sheet, then you remove the nail strip from its backing. Then you apply it to your nail, stretching it over the top. You have to be careful that you don’t stretch it too much, otherwise your design will get messed up. I put the remains from each sticker back onto the backing, in order to use on my terrible manicures-to-be. The kit comes with a little manicure stick and a small pink nail file. The manicure stick really came in handy for getting these up to the edge of my cuticles, and allowed me to perforate the edges, which made it very easy to pull off the scraps. The soft side of the pink file was good for getting the little edges off the stickers without filing my nails down. The dark side was good for softening up corners of my nails.

After applying all of the nail stickers, I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Double Duty Top Coat to each nail. 

After all of this was done, they looked beautiful! That’s me in the picture. I was super stoked at how they turned out. My boyfriend was impressed. The girl who delivered my food earlier complimented them. Awesome.

But then I had to test them. I washed the dishes. I took a shower. I applied makeup. I did my hair. I took pictures. I typed for a couple of hours. I gave my cat a bath.



Well, these don’t hold up nearly as well as Kiss Nail Dress. I can already see signs of wear on them. My thumb has a chip in it, as well as my index finger on my right hand. There are little dents in it since I had to apply two coats of top coat. The color looks a little bit dirty, even after washing my hands. They still look really great from a distance, but close inspection doesn’t appear so nice. 

I could see myself getting two to three days of wear out of these before they get too bad. 


Not worth it. I know I said that before on the Kiss Nail Dress, but comparing the two has shown me that the KND are far superior. Easier application, more hard wearing. The Sally Hansen Salon Effects have a lot more designs, but only include 16 stickers per kit. The Kiss Nail Dress includes 28. 

Sally Hansen Salon Effects are normally priced at 10.49 at Walgreens.

All in all, still glad I tried this. My nails are still beautiful, I can’t stop looking at them! They look great on my shorter nails, and I’m sure they would look great on long ones as well. The Tattoo Much version weren’t very good on nails my length. They are removable with nail polish remover. I probably will not purchase these again, unless it was a very special occasion.


Give it to me straight.

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