Yes to Tomatoes Moisturizer Review


I’m a huge fan of moisturizers. I live in Florida, where it is exceptionally humid absolutely ALL of the time. Despite this fact, my face does stupid things. Like my nose gets oily. Or my cheeks get dry. Or my skin feels like the winds of the Sahara are scorching across it, even though I’ve been sitting in my bathtub, steaming, for an hour. It’s not that I get acne, ever. I don’t break out. I just get oily or dry or red at the most inopportune moments.

I have no problems spending a good bit of money on a wonderful face moisturizer, because it’s my goddamn face. I’m proud of this face. It’s a good face. It gets me places. Like out of bed. Because I’m not a dog. The rest of my body I could take or leave, but this face? Needs to be taken care of.

My all time favorite moisturizer is by Dr. Ci Labo. Holy mother of god. That company knows how to make my face feel like god himself touched it every morning. I never had a red nose. Or oily nose. I never had dry cheeks. My makeup always went on smooth. But in order to buy the whole system, I’d be spending several hundreds of dollars, and I’m not a big baller guys. Sorry.

So after scraping my lotion pot dry, and not knowing what to do, I picked up Say Yes to Carrots: Say Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer at Walgreens. It was around $17. I picked it up because it says “For acne-prone skin”, and while I’m not acne-prone, I’m oil-prone, and that seemed like a good idea.


This stuff doesn’t look or smell like tomatoes. Although it claims to be fragrance free, I’ve detected a very light, perfume-y scent that fades almost as soon as you put it on. It’s got lycopene, watermelon and red tea, as well as tomatoes, obviously. It’s mostly organic and doesn’t have any added dyes.

It completely balanced out my skin. My nose and cheeks are the same. Moisturized without being heavy and liquid-feeling on my face. It absorbs quickly. The lotion sucks right into my skin, without having to use a lot. It feels good and definitely isn’t oily or overbearing. Some lotions just feel like I rub grease into my face and then it dries a little bit.

I’ve been using Say Yes to Tomatoes for about two months now, and while it’s no Dr. Ci Labo, it is definitely a win. No problems here, and my skin looks great. No unexpected breakouts or dry patches. My skin isn’t flaky anywhere. I use it before I use my BB cream and foundation, after washing my face.

If you have combination skin, I would highly recommend giving this a try. If anything, you don’t like it, send it to me. I’ll use the hell out of it.


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