Epsom Enchantment

So I’m in my bathtub right now. Yum, right? WRONG.
I woke up with the gnarliest headache today. It stemmed from a pain in my neck. Which in turn spawned from a nasty place directly underneath and centered from my shoulder blades.

All the lights are out, my phone is set to be as dimly lit as possible. It’s perfectly silent, save for the sporadic drip drop from my faucet.

And I’m in a heavenly aromatherapy bliss pool, even with the ache in my back/neck/head, which is slowly, but surely waning. Thank you, Doctor Teal’s Epsom Salt Solution with rosemary & mint.

I actually picked this bag up a few weeks ago at Publix on a whim. I have always enjoyed the benefits of Epsom salts. They make my hands and feet soft before I do my nails, so my mani/pedi pics come out lovelier than normal. It’s good for aches and pains and constipation and drawing out bee stings and what-have-you. So I figured I’d grab a bag to just have in the house.

I didn’t realize it was aromatherapy!

So I’ve got my bathtub filled and steamy, and I’ve dumped in about a quarter of the bag, because it’s only five dollars for three pounds, and I like to pretend that money means nothing. And the scent has filled my entire bathroom and out to the bedroom, which I noticed only because I forgot my towel and ran naked into the room to grab one and was surprised by how delightful the house had decided to start smelling.
The funny thing is, it’s not super powerful, it just has good…wafting power, I suppose, for lack of a better word.

So you know it smells fantastic, but does it work?!
As of now, I’ve been pruning it up for about thirty minutes, and the scent has definitely worked wonders on my throbbin noggin. Headache is gone. And my back still hurts a bit, but it’s more of a dull ache than a stabbing “Fuck you, Brenna! FEEL THE PAIN! MUHAHAHAHA!” Or whatever it is that pain thinks.

So the verdict is that this stuff is totally worth five bucks, and makes you feel relaxed, and also you don’t wanna get out of the bath even though the water is cold and your boyfriend needs to pee, because you feel like you’re in a fucking spa, and who doesn’t want that?



Give it to me straight.

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